Collaboratory started as a game innovation lab idea around 2009 at Idun Design (later Story Architect). 2013 – 2015 a living lab prototype of the idea was built in a big space in Gothenburg Film Studios in Sweden. A local community collaborated on building the space that included a next generation makerspace, art/film/game studio and work spaces, and events for co-creation, R&D and game making. Now the community is global but there is no physical space due to lack of funding mainly. It would be interesting to scale up the concept and this site provides some guidelines that could help such a process, or just serve as inspiration for other initiatives. What makes Collaboratory different from other innovation labs and makerspaces, is a foundation on story and interactivity design, as well as taking responsibility through social innovation. Below is a mindmap of the components of the Collaboratory ecosystem and the vision/goals.


The goals of Collaboratory

  • Build a sustainable ecosystem for creators by improving working conditions and business models, increasing the value of non-mainstream art, culture and social capital.
  • Build a research and development centre for interactive arts, an institute similar to the Film Institute in Stockholm or Ars Electronica, but for interactive arts and game culture.
  • Support people and start-ups from idea to distribution, by sharing resources, knowledge and networks.
  • Be an open innovation accelerator for both big and small companies. A cross-generational free zone for industry, academia and people to meet, co-create and inspire.
  • Strengthen the game and film industries, and increasing the quality of interactive, electronic and new media arts by holding game jams, using the city as play and test ground, inviting international guests, holding workshops and lectures.
  • Create platforms for large scale experience design and transmedia productions.
  • Build full scale prototyping workshops/makerspaces.
  • Actively promote STEAM education and supporting youth with diverse cognitive skill sets.
  • Have event productions and venues for conferences and installations as well as providing an attractive artist residence for international professionals.
  • Nurture a DIY and maker philosophy where people learn that they can be the architects of their own future and do not have to wait for someone to give them permission.